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As an avid GEARHEAD I am always on the lookout for new plugins and new music tech, so as I do I go on the hunt on various websites looking for the latest and greatest plugins trying to cop the diamonds in the ruff. The plugin boutique is a great source for said plugins hence the name. plugin boutique is owned by the same group Loopmasters which is also a fantastic source for all things sample packs, drum loops etc etc. The first place I usually go to when I’m on said websites is the “DEALS” because who doesn’t love a good deal really, so I click on deals and “BANG” there it is Xpand! 2 for $1 with a sign next to it save 99%. I laughed and said to myself is this a joke? Clicked the link and sure as hell it’s $1 to buy the full version yes the FULL VERSION so without even checking the reviews or videos on it I hit purchase and loaded it up in my DAW.

First Look


Initial setup and registration was simple (Note: you need an ilok account to register this product but it’s free and easy to setup. Ps you do NOT need the ilok dongle) entered the serial number and done. When I fired the plugin up it wasn’t overwhelming with buttons sliders and knobs or any confusion as to where to start it is very pleasant to look at a nice simple interface with controls clearly labeled and accessible. There are 4 sound panels per patch in which you can use to create multiple layers of different sound and also can assign each to a separate midi channels which is pretty awesome, being able to build an insane amount of multi layer patches is obviously a strong part of this plug in.

Over 2500 patches across 29 categories and 4-Channel multitimbral operation, sample playback, subtractive and FM synthesis. Xpand!2 contains enough pro quality sounds to keep you covered for a long time.

Here is the features list direct from the Air website

  • Four-channel multitimbral operation
  • Up to four stereo instrument parts per patch
  • Up to 64 voices per part; Mono or Poly voice modes
  • Smart Knobs provide intuitive sound editing
  • Easy Edit Knobs control the entire patch at once
  • Two digital effects processors; 50 editable effect types
  • Individual arpeggiation control for each part
  • Multiple sound generation engines:
    • Subtractive Synthesis
    • FM Synthesis
    • Tonewheels
    • Sample Playback
  • 2500+ total presets and parts in the following categories:
    • Soft Pads
    • Bright Pads
    • Huge Pads
    • Action Pads
    • Ambience and FX
    • Polysynths
    • Synth Brass
    • Percussive
    • Simple Arpeggios
    • Multitrack Arpeggios
    • Soft Leads
    • Hard Leads
    • Acoustic Piano
    • E-Pianos and Clavinet
    • Organs
    • Strings
    • Vocals
    • Brass and Woodwinds
    • Mallets
    • Bells
    • Guitars
    • Ethnic
    • Hits
    • Synth Basses
    • Basses
    • Drums
    • Percussion
    • Loops
    • Multitimbral


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SupraliminaL x Kool G Rap x PaceWon – Get It Done (Prod By Dr G)

The Boston-bred and Bronx-based artist enlists the godfather of gangster Kool G Rap, and O.G. Pace Won for a heavy call to “Get It Done”. Sharp bars from beginning to end hit tough over clinical production (as always) from Dr. G. This banger is set to be on Supra’s album “Refill” coming later this year.


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The Very First Question

The biggest question in any venture you have to ask yourself is why? Why am I doing this?

For me in the very beginning of my Klubba Lang Beats venture my why was very simple, “put these beats online and watch paypal grow” which all fine and well,  but as i got further and further into my journey the “why” started to change and transform.

As Time Goes By

As time went on I knew I had way more to offer than just flogging beats online, 18 years as a dj and producer the knowledge and experience i gained and still gaining is and can be of more value to people and to myself.

So back to the experience in music I found that I could offer advice on building with artists, I can offer my mixing and mastering skills, and also graphic services. My why had changed from just being an online beatsmith to being a powerhouse in numerous different areas of artist development and art itself.

This all started when I linked up with Oskeptical and we formed the hip hop group Soulsik Society,  he was the kind of emcee I was looking for to connect with on my productions, did a couple of test tracks and they turned out exactly how I imagined them, so from then on basically I was focused on making music for Soulsik Society strictly.

Core Values

It is very important to make sure your why is in line with your core values, as I described just making money off of beats didn’t align fully with my core values and realizing this opened my eyes too everything I have to offer, click this link to find a list of core values and determine what are most important to you.

drop a comment below and let us know what your why is.

Don’t hesitate to email me with any questions you may have

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How i made it to the top of the rankings for my name

For anyone in an industry that demands an online presents it is super important to get your name to the top of a Google search. With a flooded market of musicians all on soundcloud, reverbnation, etc etc these large websites are taking potential traffic away from you and your rankings.

Keep the traffic and rankings for yourself

Now the way i made my self top and stayed there is for 2 reasons, the first reason was that i worked hard on SEO to help myself stay top of the list TIP: Have a unique name that always helps the search engines if your mc or dj or producer name is Fresh well i bet there are 100,000 artist,producers,djs with the name fresh keep it unique if you have an i dea for a name do a quick minute search in google and see if it is already in use . The Second reason for my ranking top in google was for the simple fact i eliminated the “competition” ie soundcloud, reverbnation etc. i removed my accounts from all of those services so when you put in my name there is no other websites i have to compete with and in fact my site is above my facebook fanpage and my youtube channel, I want the traffic, I want the eyes on MY site, this leads for more eyes and ears to you and your brand and also leads to more sales of services, products and anything else your website has to offer.

heres a little video on this topic,

Click This link to another great post on getting traffic by a friend of mine in the business

Please feel free to leave a comment below and dont hesitate to email me in regards to any kind of artist development skills you require



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Strapped For Cash? Time To Consider Applying For A Grant.

Consider applying for a creative arts grant, now this is not a guarantee for cash but it is a great opportunity for you to get help jump start your music business.

The “Starving Artist” is something nobody wants to be. Your strapped for cash and want to get a music career off the ground but you just don’t have the money and to be honest if you don’t have money in 2016 to get a music career going it is probably not going get going its a sad reality but a true one YOU NEED MONEY.

What Is A Grant?

“Grants are non-repayable funds or products disbursed by one party (grantmakers), often a government department, corporation, foundation or trust, to a recipient, often (but not always) a non-profit entity, educational institution, business or an individual.”

Who Offers A Grant?

I have seen many companies and different governments offer all sorts of grants ranging from $1000 to $5000 I have also seen a potential for up to $10,000. These are grants not loans it is not something you have pay back it is your money think of it as a financial pat on the back for your artistic abilities.

How Do I Get A Grant?

Different companies and governments have different criteria required by you to provide in order for your grant application to be reviewed and considered.

Performing a Google search in your country, state, province will show you actually how many people do offer grants and you will an amazing amount of offerings.

Your job is to really focus on what the criteria are for the grant you are applying for. Make sure you review very carefully all of the requirements for grant application don’t miss one step or form or number or anything that could jeopardize your application being rejected.

like I said before this is not a guarantee that you will receive the grant you are applying for but it sure is worth a shot. I would to say finally if you are going to applying for a grant i wish you good luck .

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identity crisis

1. A period of uncertainty and confusion in which a person’s sense of identity becomes insecure, typically due to a change in their expected aims or role in society
Knowing who you are, what you stand for, what you value are the most important part of any brand and keeping you from having an Identity Crisis

Here’s a story i’d like to share with you on identity crisis

I was creating a big cypher project and i put out the call on social media to see who would like to be participants on the Track. I got 9 artist respond to me and i thought 9 was a great number for a cypher. One of the artists (lets call him Artist X) shows interest and is excited about it, Even tho we had never met or engaged on social media that much I had listened to his music before and thought yea he could bring the heat.

I Meet with artist X so we can record a verse and it went great. I asked artist x who he wants to be billed as on the cypher credits as he was back and forth between two names.
He stops “I don’t know man” and gives me a story on both of the names, but he seemed torn between both of them. I told him that I felt he was a bit lost in an identity crisis and that would hinder every decision he would make in his music career until he really found himself and found an Identity.
We were chatting  more on the subject in the car and i told him to break down what thoughts came from both of the names. The First one had a nostalgia to it something that he was coined with but he also told me that it has a negative energy around it, there were quite a few negative events and people attached to it.

The second name he had was a rebirth, to get away from the negative persona of the previous name it was something in which he felt could help him create the content he could connect with on a positive and forward thinking path. To change his focus, after a few minutes he’s like “fuck it” this is my name now this is who i am this is what i am going forward with. Next i told him that he had to kill the first identity dead gone change pictures on profiles etc etc make this negative persona go away for the ability for forward growth. We setup a plan for a new track as his first for this new Identity. So i got working and came up with a track and concept which i believed could be a freshing introduction to this new Brand, this new artist, with this new identity without the crisis. I sent over the Instrumental and he got writing, one week later we met again to record the new track and it came out beautiful, he had his camera on him and as we were in the car on our way to drop him back off at home, i pulled into a parking lot of a close by mall and said “Fuck this lets shoot the video right now”. we shot the video and i got cracking on the editing TING DONE!!

Do you Know who you are??



* indicates required

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Hometown Heroes is a series showcasing the talent of various artists in my hometown of Ottawa, Canada

Hometown heroes Hometown heroes frank blak


Part 2 of hometown heroes features Frank Blak. I have been working closely with Frank Blak for just over a year now and i must say he is one of the most professional artist i have worked with, before frank even walks into a session he knows exactly the out come of the recording he is doing. I had the honour of recording the Frank Blak BLAK FRIDAYS series which was a weekly showcase of Blaks abilites on the mic and on camera. The way Blak Can adapt to any style of hip hop makes him a force to be rekoned with, whether its a gully East coast boom bap track, or a west coast rider, or just a manic trap beat Blak will attack with a lyrical force second to none. PMIFBM is the Crew in which Blak represents here in Ottawa, Canada. Frank Blak The Birth Project is now availbe for download on Itunes and also to stream on spotify .. so with out further ado lets get chatting with Frank Blak


What does Frank Blak represent in his music?

Frank Blak represents me! Frank Blak represents the lyricist, the one who’s able to adapt through the changes, broaden his/her skill set all while staying true to one’s core identity. I represent the real, the storytellers, the trappers, the gangstas, the goons & the spiritual warriors. Frank Blak is the total package.

The birth is the title of your latest project can you tell us more about it ??

Yeah mayne ! It’s my solo debut EP consisting of 6 songs, including Reflect produced by yourself. 4 songs produced entirely by Khamali Jordan A.K.A. Sticcy Beats, and Vanquished which I co-produced with Khamali. My former artist name was PSY The Kaptain, so The Birth is symbolic of a transition from PSY to Frank Blak. I’m a versatile artist, and the album showcases that from beginning to end. I take the listener to 6 different places from song to song. It’s mostly me on there with a couple of appearances by fellow Canadian artist Velly Blaze.

Can you tell us who PMIFBM are ??
 PMIFBM, THAT’S US! AM 2 DA PM: Khamali, myself, Hypo, Dante Jones, and the fam Frenchie.
 What was that one moment that made you say “im going to be an Emcee”?
Man.. I was freestyling in the fifth grade with my friend Ricardo’s older brother during recess. We’d come up with bars, and he made me notice I had a knack for it; shout out to Neuoby !!!! Later on, I would battle with my homie Don P over the phone straight dissing the shit out of each other. It wasn’t until I wrote and performed what I had written at a talent show in the eighth grade with my man Jean-Emmanuel that I truly wanted to pursue this dream. I even wrote the homie’s verse, and showed him how to spit it. Since then I’ve been on a long road, for real !
What are your views on hip hop in these times??

I see Hip Hop shifting as far as the sound, the lyrical content, and the audience. Considering that the talent show I mentioned was circa 96, I’ve been watching the shifts from Nas, Wu Tang Clan, AZ, Bone Thugs, to Dipset, Hotboyz, Pastor Troy, Lil John, and now Kendrick Lamar, Ransom, French Montana, J. Cole, Migos, etc. Mind you, I started listening to rap music since the days of N.W.A., Too $hort, Ant Banks, KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, Kool Moe Dee, Rakim, and all that good shit. I think the industry changes with time. Crowds change, and so the music is built to cater to different generations. Although I’ve witnessed a substantial depreciation of lyrical content, I still fuck with the new shit all depending on how I’m feeling. I guess that’s what makes me such a versatile artist.

Check out Blak Friday series on YouTube and on FACEBOOK  – The Birth EP on SPOTIFY and also for sale on ITUNES!


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Hometown heroes is a series showcasing the talent of various artists in my hometown of Ottawa, Canada



I posted a status on Facebook a couple of months back asking artists who wanted to be on a cypher i was building, a friend from my hometown tagged a women in the post so naturally i did some investigating on who she was and was sent to a soundcloud link to one of her tracks and i was instantly blown away. King Kimbit is the name and this young woman is a power house on the mic. I approached her to see if she was down to do a 16 for the cypher as she would add an awesome dynamic to the project. We got talking and she told me she was a poet and singer also, a few weeks back she invited me to a poetry event where she was performing at so we could meet up in person and shoot the shit about what we both do and about how we could collaborate on certain projects, when she took the stage i was super impressed again by both her content and her delivery .. King Kimbit is certainly one to watch out for in the future and i’m happy to have met and to work with her. So without more babble lets get to the interview
Where did the name King kimbit come from??
I have a friend from middle school that gave me a different nickname every time we spoke and Kimbit was perfect, so it just stuck. As for King, simply put, I am royalty. But honestly, it came from my initials Ki from Kim and Ng from Nguyễn. Now that I think about it, I might have gotten the initials idea from my dad… He use to paint chip trucks when they were a new business concept that a lot of Vietnamese Canadians started partaking in. There was one he painted “My ViNa” with ViNa coming from Viet and Nam.
How did poetry become apart of your life?
My first vivid memory of poetry is from the 5th grade. I think this is where I really started writing. My teacher at the time, Mr. Makinde, was great. I had this green notebook that I would write stories and poetry in as part of the class work. Other than that, my parents are pretty artistic, so I was introduced to Vietnamese music and poetry pretty early. Since then, I’ve always been writing. I didn’t know that spoken word was a thing until I started going to open mic events with my dad at the Umi Cafe (after getting knee surgery and learning to play guitar because I couldn’t play rugby anymore). It was there that I realized people said their poems out loud! And so I started bringing my poems and sharing them there and more seasoned poets invited me out to poetry slams.
What is it about poetry you find the most intriguing?
The most intriguing thing for me about it is the simplicity along with the power that it has. Poetry doesn’t require much else but your mind. With spoken word, there is no specific structure you need to fit. You can just write what’s on your mind and call it a poem. Whatever fills up your mind is up to you and being a poet means you have to be aware that your words have the power to move people. 
What made you start rapping?
I’ve always had a love for hip hop, so a lot of my poetry is just bars. Early in high school, I found out about a local rap show happening near my house, so I went. I connected with some of the people and was supposed to be part of a group that never ended up happening. But I kept my connections. I guess I kind of gave up for a while because I didn’t think I could do it. After a while of being in the poetry scene, I saw that the art scenes here are pretty connected (or they can be if you choose to see it that way). Some of the poets I looked up to we’re also rappers so I just hung around them a lot. About a year ago, I bumped in to one of the guys I was supposed to be in that rap group with when I was in high school. Devv Dirty. When I saw him, he said he was rapping full time now and I said I wanted to do that so he invited me over and showed me some beats that a producer had sent him. That was my first time having beats. From there, I just used the fire I had built with spoken word to get myself out there as a rapper.
Other than hip hop and poetry what other things do you enjoy?
 I love to teach, which requires a lot of learning, so I’m always learning. I also play guitar and sing from the soul. I would say I’m dedicated to restoring equilibrium in the world and combat injustices.
Who are some of your influences?
I gotta give it up to Eminem for being the first rapper I noticed (which probably speaks to antiblackness which is a real problem in the world). I really got into Bone Thugs N Harmony and Immortal Technique. I would say they’ve been my biggest influences. Tupac and Biggie closely follow, and more recently, Kendrick Lamar and J Cole.
What is next for King Kimbit?
Idk man, I really need to graduate lol. I am working to put together an album compiling of spoken word, rap, and guitar. I am happy to have started working with Klubba Lang. I think this is opening a lot of doors for me.
You can check out KING KIMBIT’s Music below and also make sure you check her out on the KLB CYPHER VIDEO posted below



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My sole Intention with music, my brand, my movement is to be a respected member of this world we call music, I want to help people create pieces of art that will stand the test of time, i want to help people achieve their dreams their goals in life.
When you realize what your sole purpose it is a giant step forward,



I read an article my friend shared on social media, it was about a women name Octavia Butler who is a science fiction writer, the article was about the journal she kept. Butler wrote a list of goals she was going to achieve , along with the words  “I will find the way to do this. So be it! See to it!” this inspiring article is about the power and the law of attraction click here to read the article.


Having a clear vision is the ultimate tool for success in any field when the vision is clear there is no stopping you in your power of self to achieve that vision. So on the strength i hope this post and the link to the article help you in finding a clear vision.




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Today i’m going to be you 5 tips for recording a vocal session


This is most important tip i can’t stress enough, be comfortable in a session will be a huge help the quality of the session, lots of things come into this category for example: TEMPERATURE , if the room is too hot or too cold this will effect the outcome of you in the booth, this is something the recording studio owner has to be responsible for to make the clients comfortable . LIGHTING nowadays lots of artist write verses on there phone so they have the luxury of being able to see in low light situations, but if you are an artist that writes pen and paper style you want to be able to see your verses. MOOD go into your session with a clear mind and totally focused on the work at hand, distractions in your personal affairs can cause a conflict with you and your creativity when recording so you want to leave that outside the booth door. there have been times where myself and my homie FRANK BLAK have had great sessions that went very quick and flawlessly because we were in great moods and having fun and laughing etc it makes a difference trust. LEVELS Make sure your headphone and monitor levels are at the perfect personal setting, struggling to hear yourself or the backing track can hurt the recording.


This may sound like a given but it is something you really want to take into mind due to the fact recording sessions can be quite expensive, in order for session to go smooth as silk you want to go into the session with every word burned into your brain. This way you have a successful session with minimal retakes and you can walk out of the session satisfied that you murked it without hiccup


Make sure you are positioned correctly from the mic, don’t move around to much as this can drastically effect the recording unless you are moving to control volume, but if you are swaying back and forth and bobbing your head lots then you can hear it in the recording , make sure the pop filter is about 3 inches front the mic,


This is super important. keeping the levels at a lower db is a great technique for recording because the lower you record the better it is to do the final mix and master, since if the levels are are pinned at 0db you have zero headroom to do the final mix and master this is especially frustrating if you are sending your tracks to mastering house. Mix and master engineers like to have “headroom” to work with, i typically keep all recordings at around -7db i find this gives me a lot of room to work with when i’m doing my final mix and master. the lower the better


Producers: if you run a recording studio whether it be in your house or elsewhere, you have to understand that every artist records differently, they may take a little longer in certain areas of the track patience is a key factor in helping the artist get through the session, via the most important thing COMMUNICATION
if you are recording in a studio you have to understand that the producers and engineers work with many different types of artists, and they have their own way they like to run their sessions. So communication between the artist and producer/engineers is a huge factor. if you both respect each others processes the session will end with an amazing piece of art you can both be proud of ..


thanks for reading , like, share and comment on this post below thanks again



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